A Preview of the Current Prices at Pazar and Peskarija (Green market and Fish market)

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For me, just walking throught the green market /pazar) in Split is great – with all those colours, textures and smells, it is a delight to be surrounded by all those vegetables and fruit and local products. And with several butcheries at the spot, there is actually everything you need for a great meel in one place.

Ok, not everything.

The fish market (peškarija) is on the oposite site of the Diocletian Palace and going there is an experience by itself. With completely different colours, textures and smells, of course. If you survive the smell, you will be able to see and buy all kinds of fresh fish and seafood.

To have you fully hooked, we bring you a preview of the current prices at the market (thanks to Dalmatia News):

Pazar (greenmarket):

Grapes: 8 kn/kg
Plums: 7 kn/kg
Blitva: 10 kn/kg
Carrots: 8 kn/kg
Zucchini: 8 kn/kg
Watermelon: 6 kn/kg
Peppers and Cucumbers: 10 kn/kg
Tomatos: 8 kn/kg
Figs: 12 kn/kg
Potatos: 5 kn/kg
Onions: 6 kn/kg

Peškarija (fishmarket):

Prawns (Shrimps): 25 kn/kg
Red mullets: 20 kn/kg
Bogues: 10 kn/kg
Dentex and Grouper: 200 kn/kg
Devilfish: 80 kn/kg
Squid: 20 kn/kg

Pazar and Peškarija are a must-see locations in Split. Enjoy the colours and textures and did I mention the smell?


(photo: Marko Šarić)

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