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How to Recognize a Fresh Fish? (Video)

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Not everyone knows this. I certainly did not know how a fresh fish looks like before I moved to Jelsa. ...

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Free Dinner for Two at Gariful – Facebook Contest

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Restaurant Gariful shared an interesting picture on their Facebook page today.     I would not dare to name the ...

Our Hvar Restaurant Worker of the Year: Dario from Me and mrs Jones

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It is a curious thing watching your wife fully enjoying a thorough massage from another man, especially when it happens ...

A Hotel Restaurant Gets Discovered: What People are Saying About Butchery and Wine

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It is one of the most visible and one of the greatest secrets in Hvar Town – the terrace on ...

Hvar Restaurants: This Week’s Top Ten on TripAdvisor

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So where are the current popular restaurants on Hvar? Although it has its flaws, for many the recommendations and ranking ...

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What to Eat and When on Hvar – Wild Harvest Series – Carob Bonbons (Photo Recipe)

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There is always something to harvest on the island. Year round. Often even growing wild without any direct input from ...

Lucullus: A Summer of Quality Dining in Hvar’s Craziest Restaurant – In Pictures

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I haven’t visited too many of the Hvar Town restaurants this summer, as Total Croatia News and other projects have ...

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Where to Buy Free Range Eggs on Hvar? Visit Greenhouse!!

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While many supermarkets in Europe offer organic eggs marked as “0” (with the choice of free range eggs marked as ...

In a Hvar World of Constant Change, One Quality Remains Constant: Mizarola

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It is fair to say that tourism in Hvar Town is changing.  The profile of the guest seems to be ...

Hvar Town. Beach. Quality Restaurant. Djordjota Vartal, All in One

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It was another hot one yesterday as I dropped the kids off for a summer chess tournament in Hvar Town. ...