Eva Marija Čurin Champion of Hvar Olive Oil

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The young olive grower cultivating four hectares of land is overjoyed with the success

Written by Mirko Crnčević/Slobodna Dalmacija

College graduates returning home to the islands are becoming a rarity. One of them is Eva Marija Čurin from Gdinj, a young woman with a degree from the Faculty of Agronomics at the University of Zagreb. Today she works on four hectares of land with olives, figs, lavender, immortelle and other Mediterranean cultures, as Slobodna Dalmacija wrote on February 11, 2018.

She was recently nicknamed the Bukovica Robinson, as most of her life she has been struggling with non-existent and neglected infrastructure on the eastern part of the island (Plame), but she does not linger on this, is persistent and unfaltering, now declared champion of the 3rd Olive Oil Days of Hvar Island with 98 points.

This great recognition for Levantinka oil was handed to her by Đorđano Gurdulić, President of the Olive Growers Association St. Špirijun, organisers of the manifestation, in the Jelsa District Hall, surrounded by many friends of olives and olive oil.

Another nine extra virgin olive oils earned gold medals, among them the second placed one by Ivo Duboković (97.5 points) and the third placed by Paulo Peronja (97.3 points), both of them from Jelsa.

Silver medals were given to a total of 28 oils, bronze to six, while other olive oils were extra virgin under 85 points, virgin oils and lampante oils.

“I am overjoyed about the champion title, especially since the Adriatic Cultures Institute from Split this time rated 66 olive oils from 16 places on Hvar Island, more than ever before. Although my surprise is limited, as I have constantly since the beginnings appreciated expertise, whether in olive growing, picking or processing, even storing oil.”

“Naturally, this recognition means even more when we know many experienced olive growers take part in this now traditional manifestation, whom I especially respect and value, as only six of their oils ended up in the lampante category,” said the young champion, who tends to 900 olive trees, mostly Oblica variety.

The expansion and activity of the Association (135 members), as noted in speeches, is welcomed and supported by not only President Gurdulić, but also Jelsa District, Jelsa Tourist Board and many sponsors.

The manifestation had an additional educational-humanitarian character this year. Association President, Deputy President Renato Stipišić and Secretary Eva Marija Čurin visited children at the Jelsa kindergarten as well as residents of the Home for the Elderly in Stari Grad, to speak to them about the importance of the olive, its importance, medicinal value and beauty.

They also donated 45 liters of olive oil provided by competitors, members and other olive growers.

Mrs Vlatka Buj swapped her Deputy Chief title for the one of program hostess (together with actor Tonko Ivičević Bakulić), joined by the Jelsa Cultural Society, Jelsa baritone Dario Belić and male a cappella group St Špirijun, with recitals of verses by poet Ičica Barišić.

At the end of the official program came a tasting of the three best rated oils, Dalmatian song, lasting long into the night.

Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija.

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