2.7 Million Kuna in Non-Refundable Funds for Pazin Business Incubator

Lauren Simmonds

As Glas Istre/Mirjan Rimanic writes on the 19th of September, 2019, the services that Pazin’s brand new business incubator will offer are: temporary desk rental (up to ten days), long-term desk rental (up to one month), office rent, multipurpose hall rental, consulting services, training and workshops, a virtual office, a virtual incubator, marketing, photocopying and printing, and other services will be developed according to the needs of the users of the incubator and other entrepreneurs.

The closing conference of the business incubator project in Pazin was held in the premises of the former administration building, not far from the town market. The presentation of the project was attended by a number of guests, including MP Emil Daus, Pazin Mayor Renato Krulčić and Tamara Kiršić, assistant director of the Istrian Development Agency.

Following a request made back at the end of 2016, a grant agreement was signed in early March 2018; the total value of the project is 2.9 million kuna, while the total eligible costs are 2.7 million kuna.

”The aid intensity is thus 98.4 percent, ie, the City of Pazin will receive a grant of 2.7 million kuna for this purpose. The project runs from February the 1st, 2018 to October the 1st this year,” said Maja Stranić Grah, head of the Pazin city finance and budget administration and the director of the Heart of Istria (Srce Istre) Development Agency.

Through the Pazin business incubator project, unused office space was reconstructed and renovated. There are five offices of 9.8 to 12 square metres, as well as a multipurpose room of 25 square metres and an office for the manager of the incubator.

The services that the new Pazin business incubator will offer, according to Stranić Grah, are listed in the first paragraph of this article.

In addition to the renovated and equipped business premises and a brand new multipurpose hall, the Pazin business incubator project also created a digital database of entrepreneurs, companies, crafts and renters in tourism in the City of Pazin and the surrounding municipalities.

The database of entrepreneurs, updated in this way, will form the backbone for the creation of entrepreneurship incentive programs, as well as the possibilities of financing through EU funds for various projects aimed at retaining and increasing employment. Data on entrepreneurs was collected from various sources and registers. The database was created on the GIS Cloud platform, which enables the processing and displaying of a large amount of spatial data and currently has 1,369 entities, while enabling the updating and enrollment of new entrepreneurs in the database or portal.

On this occasion, Pazin’s mayor thanked everyone who participated in the implementation of the project, especially the partners who became involved closely with the City of Pazin.

”I look forward to seeing the future entrepreneurs who will come to the incubator and I hope that they will develop new technologies and realise their ideas here. We’re in the investment cycle as far as this EU project is concerned,”

He also added that the City of Pazin has just contracted about 27 million kuna through EU projects.

Tamara Kiršić congratulated the City of Pazin and its partners on the successful implementation of the project. She emphasised that the Istrian Development Agency now has 47 realised projects with a total value of 470 million kuna under its belt.

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