Wildlife in Gorski Kotar: Close Encounter With a Family of Bears

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Gorski Kotar County is known for its wonderful nature and spectacular scenery everywhere you turn. It’s also one of the areas where close encounters with wildlife are not a rare occasion, judging by the number of photos and videos popping up on social networks throughout the springK

These days, you’ll often come across a mama bear with her cubs, crossing the road or slowly strolling around the forest. The sight is wondrous and will leave you in awe, but it tends to be a bit unnerving at the same time, regarding the physical power of the wild animal that’s known as one of the most protective species when it comes to their young.

We got these amazing photos from a reader who was travelling through the area around Risnjak National Park, close to the village of Mrzla Vodica. At one point, a bear with two young cubs suddenly appeared on the right side of the road, proceeding to slowly walk up the hill.




Locals told the travellers that the family of bears is seen at the same spot for six days now, as well as that other bears have been spotted at Platak and Grobnik. If by any chance you’re greeted by the animals on your way through Gorski Kotar, don’t make any sudden movements or provoke them in any way, as the bears – especially the females – will acknowledge that as a threat. If you’re hiking, it’s advised to retreat slowly; if you’re travelling by car, stay in the vehicle until the animals move to a safer distance. Take some photos to mark the occasion, but respect the local wildlife and keep in mind you’re technically an intruder on their turf!


Gorgeous scenery in the area of Mrzla Vodica


(Photos by F. Demark)

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