How Expensive is Zagreb Parking? A Comparison with European Cities

Lauren Simmonds

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, a specialised website for promotions and discounts on online shopping,, has produced a report showing differences in the prices of public parking on the street in major European cities.

The analysis of the site reveals how much it costs to park cars in 48 large cities around the world and what are the discounts offered to residents of these areas on a monthly and annual basis.

To prepare this report, they took into account the price of one hour of parking on the street on weekdays in areas with regulated parking zones, as well as special offers for residents of these areas. The results show that the price of parking per hour can vary depending on the demand for parking spaces in a particular place. In general, the farther from the centre, the lower the price, which is logical.

We also know this practice when it comes to Zagreb parking, where the entire centre is classed as a red parking zone, parking spaces in the next “circle” belong to the yellow zone, and those even further from the centre are green zone parking areas. The price of an hour of parking in some European cities is best shown by the price of an hour of parking in the capital of Great Britain, London, where it is rather unsurprisingly the most expensive: up to 9.9 euros or 74.40 kuna, reports Jutarnji list.

In Lisbon, for example, you pay 3 euros or 22.50 kuna for one hour of parking in the centre, and in the French capital of Paris, it is twice as expensive as it is in Lisbon, but also two times cheaper than in the not-so-far-away City of London – 6 euros or 45.10 kuna. In the capital of Spain, Madrid, an hour of parking is slightly cheaper, and costs from 6.70 to 9 kuna in the very centre of the city.

The cheapest city on the scale is the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, where an hour of parking in a regulated zone in the centre costs only 0.18 euros or 1.30 kuna. Residents of the centres of most European capitals, as well as here in Zagreb, have a preferential tariff with regard to their address of residence, and it is interesting that in 6 of the 48 cities looked at, for residents, parking in the centre is totally free.

With 12 kuna for an hour of parking in the centre, Zagreb parking is at the bottom of the list of 18 European cities with the most expensive price of an hour of parking in the centre, and only Sarajevo in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina is cheaper, costing 9 kuna, Warsaw in Poland costs 6.30 kuna and Podgorica in Montenegro costs 4.50 kuna.

Prices for an hour of parking in the centre of various European cities:

London 9.90 (HRK 74.40)

Oslo 7.50 (HRK 56.30)

Amsterdam 7.50 (HRK 56.30)

Paris 6 (HRK 45)

Zurich 5.71 (HRK 42.90)

Copenhagen 5.24 (HRK 39.40)

Riga 5 (HRK 37.60)

Stockholm 4.96 (HRK 37.30)

Helsinki 4 (HRK 30)

Dublin 3.20 (HRK 24)

Reykjavik 2.48 (HRK 18.60)

Vienna 2.20 (HRK 16.50)

Bucharest 2 (HRK 15)

Nicosia 2 (HRK 5)

Zagreb 1.60 (HRK 12)

Sarajevo 1.20 (HRK 9)

Warsaw 0.84 (HRK 6.30)

Podgorica 0.60 (HRK 4.50)

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