Stipe Dumančić, President of “Voice of Free Croatia”, Buried in New York

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He passed away on January 1, 2022, at the age of 84. Holy Mass for Stipe was held in the ...

MG2.7 – Time Lapse Conference Connects Croatian Businesspeople Worldwide

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The Association for Connecting Business in the Homeland and Diaspora – Meeting G2 – will be held for the seventh ...

Nikolina Demark

5 Things I Miss About Living in Ireland

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In recent weeks I’ve been writing a lot about my impressions of Ireland as a Croatian emigrant. Looking back to ...

Book on Emigrants During Austria-Hungary and Kingdom of Yugoslavia Launched

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The 210-page book deals with the emigration of the Croats in the second half of the 19th century and in ...

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The Realities of Croatian Emigration to Ireland, Part II: Work

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  To paraphrase a pop art icon, just what is it that makes Ireland so different, so appealing? To any ...

Moving from Croatia’s Rain Capital to the Emerald Isle: Let’s Talk Weather

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The first time I went to Ireland, it was to visit my best friend. ‘Pack warm clothes’, she warned.  In ...

Realities of Croatian Emigration to Ireland, Part 1: Accommodation

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In October 2018, I moved to Ireland. I had one box of clothes shipped to my partner in Cork  and ...

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Croatian Diaspora in South America: Two Years in Hindsight

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On a day like today, but two years ago, I landed in Zagreb without knowing that Croatia would be the ...

Reconnecting to the Nostalgia of the Bygone Days in Croatia

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There is something powerful about reminiscing about the nostalgia of the bygone days. Research supports this, where experts have shown ...

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Minister Says Croat Expatriates in USA Croatia’s Unofficial Promoters

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“The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius here is headed by the Franciscans from Herzegovina, and the Croatian school here ...