Moving to Croatia

How to Croatia – Getting Around on Land, at Sea and in the Air

Lauren Simmonds

For such a small country, Croatia has numerous transport options which are generally very good. An array of bus companies, ...

Moving to Croatia – How to Find a Croatian Apartment or House

Lauren Simmonds

If you’ve already applied (and hopefully been granted) residence in Croatia, then you’ve already got a place to live, as ...

From Religion to War Anniversaries – Croatian National Holidays

Lauren Simmonds

There are fourteen Croatian national holidays in total, and it’s worth trying to make a mental note of at least ...

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How to Croatia – How Can I Work Legally and How Do I Find a Job?

Lauren Simmonds

I know, it might be funny to read ‘working in Croatia’ considering the reality that the Croatian economy isn’t exactly ...

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Croatian Emergency Services On Land, At Sea, And Up Mountains

Lauren Simmonds

Forget your 999s and your 911s. 112 is the number you’ll need to memorise when it comes to the Croatian ...

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How to Croatia – Getting an OIB and Opening a Bank Account

Lauren Simmonds

It appears that wherever we may roam on this tiny blue dot taking trips around the sun, we end up ...

Moving to Croatia: Getting Phone and Internet Connections

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In 2022, there are three main mobile service providers in Croatia: T-Mobile (098, 099), A1 (091), and Telemach (095), and ...

How to Croatia – Navigating The World of Croatian Health Insurance

Lauren Simmonds

Nobody wants to think of themselves becoming unwell, developing a hernia or breaking a bone, but it happens. You might ...

Pets in Croatia – Laws, Strays, Dog Beaches and Dalmatians

Lauren Simmonds

While the City of Zagreb is dominated by well looked-after small ‘apartment dogs’ such as Lhasa Apsos, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers ...

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Roads, Laws, Alcohol and Car Rentals – How to Drive in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

People always laugh at me when I go on about how good Croatian roads are, but they really, really are. ...