MOST Presents Seven Demands for HDZ and SDP

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The seven guarantees should be implemented before the new government is confirmed.

MOST president Božo Petrov presented on Saturday a list of guarantees which MOST will demand for their partners to fulfil, if they want to form a joint government, reports N1 on September 3, 2016.

“We do not want to lose time, but we want to really change Croatia, together with the party which demonstrates that it is ready to move from words to deeds”, said Petrov. He added that all relevant experts had said that MOST’s economic programme was better than SDP’s and HDZ’s programmes. “The key is a mechanism that will enable SDP and HDZ to demonstrate that they can to the job and that they want to change Croatia. They will get a chance to constitute new Parliament and in the next thirty days they will have to make these steps, which are small compared to what Croatia needs to do”, said Petrov.

“After we choose a party that will have the first opportunity to form a government, they will have 30 days for Parliament to adopt these few laws that will show that they are ready to implement the changes we stand for”, said Petrov. Then he listed the demands:

1. Democratization of Croatian political and electoral system
There will be a possibility for three candidates from electoral lists to be elected through preferential votes, and not just one. People who have committed serious crimes will not be able to stand as candidates.

2. Financing of the political system
They will demand transparent financing of political parties. MPs will receive salaries according to how often they appear in Parliament.

3. Introduction of the exclusive economic zone in the Adriatic Sea
Croatia has a right to abolish the ecological and fisheries protection zone and introduce the exclusive economic zone in the Adriatic Sea.

4. Changes to the laws on foreclosure
Debtors should not be evicted. There should be no manipulation with foreclosure proceedings.

5. Amendments to the Law on Croatian Radio Television
Television licence fee should be reduced to 65 kuna a month, and enforcement of payments should be carried out by Croatian Radio Television itself, without the involvement of public notaries and law firms.

6. Law on Salaries in Local and Regional Self-Government Units
The share of administrators’ salaries in revenues of local and regional authorities should be reduced from 20 to 15 percent. This will reduce the number of people that political parties have employed at unnecessary positions.

7. Abolition of tax on companies
The tax on companies would be abolished for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“They can call us blackmailers, but if there were another choice, we would probably use some other methods. We do not blackmail. I consider this to be a struggle for every Croatian citizen”, concluded Petrov.

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