Orešković to Stay in Politics and Join Forces with MOST?

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What the future holds for Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković?

“Time will tell”, said Tihomir Orešković rather vaguely, talking about his political future while leaving the government headquarters. However, it seems that he is far from leaving the political arena altogether. He said he would stay in Croatia, where he undoubtedly earned large political capital, reports Večernji List on June 19, 2016.

It seems that citizens like his infectious, often unfounded “optimism” , which makes him a desirable political groom. However, there is only one bride possible – MOST.

During the day when his government was brought down in Parliament, there were rumours in the corridors that Orešković would certainly continue his political career together with MOST and that they expected to achieve good result in Zagreb, where MOST’s candidate list at the last elections was fronted by Drago Prgomet, who has since left the party.

“Until yesterday, we were concentrated on the survival of the government and we have not discussed possible cooperation with Orešković, whom we supported as prime minister. However, it is my opinion that he would truly be a valuable member of our team”, said Miroslav Šimić (MOST).

Political analyst Vlatko Cvrtila shares this view. “Tihomir Orešković clearly indicated that he intended to stay in Croatia. I think that many people in Croatia expect that, considering all that has happened over the past few months. MOST would be a logical choice for him, since they were the only political force which defended him until the last moment”, said Cvrtila, adding that MOST found in Orešković a person who was “a victim of Croatian politics without being compromised by corruption scandals”.

“MOST will definitely remain a political force, but in smaller numbers than before, and Orešković could help them and increase their share of votes”, said Cvrtila. “They could succeed primarily in Zagreb, in the first or the second parliamentary constituency, certainly more than in rural areas. He has a good starting position because voters support people like him who have become victims of an entire failed project.”

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