Orešković: We Can Now See it Was All a Big Bluff by HDZ and That’s Why We’re Going to Elections

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Technical government President Tihomir Orešković declared on Saturday he felt sorry for the Parliament being half empty during a ceremonial session marking Croatia’s Statehood Day

“Everyone is responsible for themselves and I wish not to comment on others. I believe those who came today were supportive as 25 years is not little, it’s a large success. I am sorry not everyone who were supposed to be here today aren’t,” Orešković told media, asked if he feels it is shameful for MPs missing out on a session where the Parliament recalled historic decisions of independence and sovereignty made a quarter century ago, Jutarnji List reported on June 25, 2016.

Orešković again congratulated everyone Statehood Day and remarked that Croats can today be proud of an independent Croatia and a solid democracy. “We have achieved a lot, but still have a lot to do. We should be proud to have a democracy, institutions need strengthening, but we have achieved a lot. We may be overly critical at times, which might not be bad sometimes, but we have to deal more with the economy to keep the youth from leaving,” he added.

Questioned if he feels personally responsible for Statehood Day passing with deep political divide, he answered everyone is sorry about that, but emphasised these divisions are not just a reflection on the dismissal of government.

“If you remember my first appearance in the Parliament, 50% of topics were Ustashi and Partisans. That’s sad for someone who grew up in Canada, travelled Europe who also has a history. They resolved their history, I don’t know how we will do that, but we have to,” Orešković messaged.

He reiterated the government is functioning, despite having ministers from the HDZ, which initiated his dismissal.

“We’re functioning. You’ve seen the last government session, we have a lot to do, take it seriously and will fulfil our obligations. We’re cooperating, the government is functioning, and politic is politics. Unfortunately, I believe it didn’t have to come to this, but we are where we are. I feel it is evident now that it was all a big bluff and that HDZ couldn’t form a new government and that’s why we’re going to elections,” he said.

Asked if he still plans to stay in politics, Orešković declined to answer, as well as if he will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections with MOST.

“We didn’t discuss it, I think we will all regroup and examine the situation. You can all see what’s going on, several scenarios are open, time will tell,” Orešković said, saying he will make up his mind soon.

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