Prime Minister Orešković: I Will Not Found a New Political Party

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MOST leader Petrov: MOST’s doors are open to him.

“Tihomir Orešković knows that MOST’s doors are open to all people who have the same goals, but he will decide whether he wants to join us. We have not made any agreements nor is this the beginning of some sort of negotiations. The decision is up to him and I do not see any sense to pressure him”, said MOST president Božo Petrov on Thursday in Sinj, which he visited together with Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković at the invitation of MOST’s MP Miro Bulj, reports Večernji List on June 30, 2016.

Petrov added that the visit was not the beginning of the pre-election campaign, but that MOST had been working the same way since the government was formed. “People do not need a campaign. We work every day, every hour, and we receive a salary for that”, said Petrov.

Commenting on rumours in the media that he wanted to bring down Zoran Milanović as SDP president, he sent a message to SDP members that, if they believe that they have a problem in their own ranks, they should be brave and solve it on their own, and not use someone else as an alibi. He reiterated that MOST could not form a coalition with Karamarko or Milanović, just like they could not do it after the last elections.

“One man does not make a party. It takes at least the party presidency, and if these people do not change, or if the people in Parliament do not change, then we cannot cooperate”, said Petrov, adding that he shared the same opinion about both major parties.

Speaking earlier in Split, Orešković said that he had not yet decided whether he would enter the political battle and join MOST, but he did deny reports that he was thinking about forming his own political party.

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