Man Uses Truck to Destroy Flower Bed Because It Reminds Him of Five-Pointed Star

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The flower bed actually represents the local tourist board.

A new flower bed at the junction of the Croatian Fighters’ Street and Juričev Iva Cote Waterfront in Vodice, in front of the old municipality building, apparently agitated some of the local citizens. They say that the reason is that the flower bed, which represents the logo of the Vodice Tourist Board, reminds them of a five-pointed star. Before the latest decoration works, the flower bed included Croatia’s coat of arms instead, reports on April 26, 2018.

“This is the logo of the Vodice Tourist Board, which used to be in front of the pharmacy for years and no one had any problems with it. We could not replace the old coat of arms which used to be here because the area is now smaller. Since there are no protective barriers which would prevent people from walking over the grass, we have planted begonias and formed the logo of the Tourist Board. These were orange begonias which, unfortunately, have not been given time to open,” said Stanko Birin, director of the Leć company which takes care of the greenery in the town.

According to Info Vodice, Some residents saw a five-pointed star in the logo, and one of them even used his truck to run over the flower bed. The group protesting the flower bed includes Radoslav Juričev Sudac, a Homeland War veteran, who demands that the old landscape decorations be restored.

“It is not worthy and appropriate that in my town there is a five-pointed star made of flowers, only 50 metres from a monument to Croatian defenders. I want this situation to be corrected and the flower bed restored as it used to be. If they cannot do it, I will do it and finance the works myself,” said Juričev Sudac.

“A five-pointed star has sharp and not round points, and I personally see here the shape of a flower, which is the logo of our tourist board,” said Mayor Nelka Tomić.

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