Zoran Milanović Reacts to Criticism for His Secretly Recorded Statements

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Elections are getting nearer, and rhetoric is getting stronger.

SDP president Zoran Milanović held a press conference on Sunday afternoon and rejected criticism for his statement that HDZ president Andrej Plenković’s mother used to work as a “military physician” for Yugoslav National Army, reports Večernji List on August 28, 2016.

“In the last ten years of my political activity I have never publicly mentioned anyone’s parents, and I have not done it even now, it was just a figure of speech. However, I was thinking about it today, and I do not see it as offensive. It is a fact that is not offensive”, said Milanović.

He also pointed out that many have accused his father Stipe Milanović. “These same people, some of whom are now on HDZ’s candidate lists, said that my father participated in the murder of Croatian émigré Bruno Bušić”, said Milanović. Although he did not mention him by name, it is probable that he alluded to Tomislav Josić, one of the leaders of veterans’ protests in Vukovar, who was convicted for defamation of Stipe Milanović.

Milanović also said that former President Ivo Josipović and his father were similarly attacked. “And when I say a truth during a discussion, then it is supposedly an insult”, said Milanović, adding that he just stated a fact that is a taboo for some people. He added that Plenković’s mother was not a collateral victim, and that she was not a victim at all.

Milanović again criticized the current leadership of Serbia. He said that a “decent civilized fighter for Serbia’s interests President Boris Tadić” has been replaced by people who played a monstrous role during the war. He added that he could not be a friend with such people and that he would not talk with them if he becomes prime minister. He added that Serbs in Croatia voted for SDP and that they know that Croatia is their homeland. “Serbs living in Croatia are our people, and their capital is Zagreb”, he said.

Milanović rejected accusations that he insulted Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that he wanted to preserve the country. “I have attacked those who want to take away half of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Milanović.

Finally, Milanović said that Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto “has his fingers crossed for HDZ to win the elections”. “That is no accident. MOL and the government in Budapest do not want SDP to win the elections. But, they will be disappointed”, concluded Milanović.

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