Unbelievable! Damir Martin Wins The Silver At The Olympics Finishing Tied With The Winner

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Damir Martin won the Olympic silver medal in single sculls, and the gold was just a few thousands of the second away

New Zealander Mahe Drysdale won the gold medal in the Olympic single sculls on August 13, 2016, finishing the race in the time of 6.41.34. Damir Martin had the same time, and if it were any other competition but the Olympics, they would share the gold medal.

As at the Olympic Games, the rules are more strict, and the photo finish showed that Drysdale was seven thousands of the second faster, and so the Croatian won the silver medal.


This is a huge success for the young rower from Vukovar, who trailed in the last 500 meters, and then he brought out his best and caught up with the New Zealander, but the photo finish proved to be merciless.

This is the third medal for Croatia in Rio, and hopefully, there will be more, as the Croatian athletes are once more proving they are the best when it is needed the most.

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