Slovenes Unhappy About Price Increases in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

Regardless of price increases which aren’t exactly delighting the neighbours, a record season is expected once again.

Need Your Fix? New Locations for Dubrovnik’s Live Cameras

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Need your fix of Croatia’s southernmost city? Dubrovnik’s live cameras have some new locations…


Sailing in Croatia: The Adriatic Alphabet – I Is For…

Total Croatia News

Continuing with our alphabet series, we look to the letter I on March 13, 2018

Urban Waste Project: Dubrovnik Fishermen Collecting Sea Waste

Lauren Simmonds

Marine waste could spell total disaster to not only the Adriatic, but to all seas.

In the Sea of Intimacy: An Ode to the Adriatic in Trieste

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Trieste is currently hosting a phenomenal exhibition about the history of the Adriatic


Sailing in Croatia: The Adriatic Alphabet – D Is For..

Total Croatia News

Getting back on track with our alphabet series, a look at some features of the Adriatic starting with D 


Ladies of the Deep: “We Dive in Dangerous Sea Caves and Swim With Sharks!”

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There are women who love endless shopping or coffee, but then there are those in love with sea depths, a ...

State of the Adriatic Catastrophic: “I Can’t Tell if Anything Can be Saved”

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Sanja Matić Skoko from the Oceanography and Fishing Institute said everyone is aware of the catastrophic situation. She feels only ...

Menacing Marine Species Spotted in Croatian Waters, Fish Stocks in Danger?

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A peculiar species responsible for ravaging fish stocks in the Black Sea has been spotted in Croatian waters

Three-Year Ban on Fishing in Jabuka Pit Now in Effect!

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New fishing regulations have been introduced in the Jabuka Pit (Jabučka kotlina), the waters around Jabuka island