All Saints' Day

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All Saints’ Day 2021 Celebrated in Croatia (PHOTOS)

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Today is All Saints’ Day, a holiday where the Catholic Church celebrates all the canonized, as well as the saints ...

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Defence Minister Lays Wreath at Vukovar Memorial Cemetery

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ZAGREB, October 31, 2020 – Defence Minister Mario Banozic on Saturday laid a wreath and lit a candle at the ...

PHOTOS: CroDrone Captures Incredible Aerial Images of All Saints Day around Dalmatia

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November 2, 2019 – Croatia marked All Saints Day on November 1 by heading to the cemeteries to honor those ...

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Special Traffic Regulation in Force This Weekend for All Saints Day

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Due to the All Saints Day, from Saturday, October 28 until November 2, special regulation of traffic in Zagreb will ...

All Saint’s Day: How Many Flowers Does Croatia Really Import?

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Croatia annually imports 1376 tons of flowers, worth 7.44 million euros, while at the same time they only exported 152 ...