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Esplanade Hotel

Esplanade Hotel’s First Street Food Menu a Delicious Hit at Fuliranje 2021

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© Sandro Sklepić That familiar feel of Advent in Zagreb has returned. The strong scents of spiced, cooked wine and ...

Le Bistro (4)

New Creative Menu of Le Bistro Features the Best from Local Producers

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At the legendary Le Bistro of the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, accompanied by the scents of hyacinth and excellent DJ ...

The Famous “Risotto Bible” Includes Two Recipes by Croatian Chefs For the First Time

Daniela Rogulj

For the first time, two Croatian chef’s risotto dishes’ have won over an Italian jury and have been entered into ...

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Famous French Michelin Star Chef Comes to Zagreb Next Month

Daniela Rogulj

An exquisite addition to the already rich Zagreb gastro scene is the Champagne Gala Dinner, who this year is hosted ...