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Andrija Mohorovičić

Meet Andrija Mohorovičić – Geophysicist & Founder Of Modern Seismology

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February the 29th, 2024 – The remarkable Andrija Mohorovičić is a Croatian scientist who doesn’t get as much of the ...

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Zagreb Gets Monument in Honour of Researcher Andrija Mohorovičić

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Mohorovičić, who was born in Volosko in 1857 and died in Zagreb in 1936, was a prominent researcher in the fields ...

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Remembering Andrija Mohorovičić, World-Famous Geophysicist and Founder of Modern Seismology

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In 2007, an initiative was launched in Zagreb to erect a monument to Andrija Mohorovičić, a world-renowned geophysicist and founder ...