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Cycling on Hvar: Bahrain Merida (McLaren) Returns for 3rd Winter Training

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December 10, 2019 – Bahrain Merida, one of the biggest names in global cycling, return to Hvar for winter training ...

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Bahrain Merida Hvar Interview Bricolage – Pigs Dream of Corn Cobs Don’t They?

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Professional cyclists and their entourage are very much like seamen. On the road 200 days a year, their life surroundings ...

Bahrain Merida on the Sunny island – Case Study on Professional Cycling, Offseason Hvar and other Tidbits

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How I learned that a horse can foster the coming of a cycling team, that Vincenzo Nibali considers Croatia to ...


Road Testing Pharos Bayhill Hvar as a Bike Hotel: the Bahrain Merida Verdict

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Cycling hotels are a relatively new concept in Croatia, and the recent visit by Bahrain Merida to Pharos bayhill hvar ...


Cycling the December Roads of Hvar with Bahrain Merida: An Appreciation

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Leading world cycling team Bahrain Merida concluded their winter training camp on the island of Hvar on December 15, 2017. ...

Bahrain Merida takes a ride on the Hvar Side – Vincenzo NIbali and friends on the Sunny Island

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Rainy Hvar sees Vincenzo Nibali announces he is riding the Tour de France this year.


When World-Class Cycling Meets a World-Class Island: Welcome to Hvar, Bahrain Merida!

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Croatia’s premier island welcomes some rather active guests on December 6, 2017.