Meet 6 Unique Croatian Islands of Outstanding Beauty

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October 9, 2018 – Croatia has more islands (some 1,244 in all) than some people have had hot dinners, and ...


Baljenac Island: No Wonder a Dalmatian Discovered the Art of Fingerprinting

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October 8. 2018 marks 160 years since the birth of Ivan Vucetic on Hvar, the man who made the world ...

Croatia’s Fingerprint Island Gets Spring Makeover… and Some International Attention

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May 15, 2018 – Spring cleaning for the renowned little island of Baljenac, criss-crossed with 23 kilometres of handbuilt dry ...

Baljenac Stone Fingerprint: 23km of Walls on a 0.14km2 Dalmatian Island

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Croatia is famous for its stunning Adriatic coast, but equally stunning is some of the man-made creations to be found ...

Unique Stone on Baljenac Island a Candidate for UNESCO Cultural Heritage

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The stone that resembles the look of lace on the island of Baljenac could soon be registered under UNESCO Cultural ...