Entrepreneurs To Have One Chance For Debt Forgiveness, Reports Večernji List

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This is provided for by the Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks and second chance from 2019, which EU member states ...

Silence Reigns as Bankruptcy Knocks on Uljanik’s Frail Door

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At the start of the enfeebled Uljanik’s bigger problems, the Croatian Government’s view was either restructuring or bankruptcy, and now ...

Tehnika in Minus Because of Agrokor, Bankruptcy Threatens

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As the Agrokor snowball continues to roll, some companies are in dire straits. Due to write-offs, the Tehnika company has reported ...

Over 1,000 Personal Bankruptcy Proceedings Initiated

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For the procedure to be launched, a person has to be more than 30,000 kunas in debt.

330 Thousand Residents Have Frozen Accounts, Personal Bankruptcy Demanded by Only 500

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At the end of May nearly 300 thousand citizens had frozen accounts with over 5.2 billion Euro of debt, mostly ...