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Escape to Osijek-Baranja County and its Epic Sights and Flavours

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It seems like the world is speeding up. Everything now is that much more immediate. In this age of Instagram ...

OPG Čudesna šuma

OPG Čudesna šuma: Paradise Reimagined in Beautiful, Traditional Baranja

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War and genocide and the aftermath. Famine. Disease. Death. In a former life, harrowing images filled the lens of internationally ...


Stories from the Diaspora: Moving from Osijek to Sweden

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December 8, 2020 – Yesterday, TCN reported that Croatia is among the most sought after tourist destinations for people in ...

Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Castle in Croatia to Be Reconstructed

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ZAGREB, April 6. 2019 – Agreements on partnership in the implementation of the renovation of Prince Eugene of Savoy’s castle ...

Castle in Bilje to Become Attractive Tourist Centre

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A new era and a refreshing breath of new life for another old building is on the horizon.

The 12th International Land Art Festival Slama – Bilje, Osijek

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The Slama Land Art Festival is an annual event organised by Nikola Faller, who has a passion for raising consciousness and ...

Bilje in Baranja Region: Nature, Culinary Gems and Hunting

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Wealthy businessmen opt for Bilje’s tranquil forests.