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Finance Minister and Bridge Party Leader Test Positive for COVID-19

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Marić underwent a test after a member of his family had developed symptoms of the infection. His test returned positive, ...

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Petrov: More People Have Emigrated Since Joining EU Than in 45 Years of Communism

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People are not leaving just because of wages but because they feel the injustice, and research indicates that the more ...

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Zagreb Gay Pride 2021 Analysis: Issues Still Exist, Pride Celebrates History and Present Equality

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Zagreb Pride is the oldest pride in Croatia. First held in 2002, it attracts more and more people every year, ...

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Opposition Accuse Government of Trying to Buy Votes From Pensioners and Young People

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Arsen Bauk of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) told reporters in the parliament building that the government “has obviously sorted its ...

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Bozo Petrov Re-elected Leader of Bridge

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ZAGREB, Dec 21, 2020 – The opposition Bridge party held an intra-party election on Sunday by electronic vote and re-elected Bozo Petrov ...


Croatians Twice as Likely to Die From Treatable Diseases Compared to EU

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Croatian Parliament MPs Božo Petrov and Ines Strenja emphasized that, despite the dismissal of Health Minister Milan Kujundžic, problems with ...


Croatian Vice Presidents Receive Taxpayer Funded Audi A6 Luxury Cars

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Croatian taxpayers are financing new expensive Audis for three parliament vice presidents. The monthly payment for each car equals the ...

Ivica Todorić: I’ve Not Been Destroyed, I’m Happier Than Ever

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As tportal writes on the 24th of March, 2019, in just a few day’s time, it will have been a ...


Vlaho Orepić Discusses Issue of Fake Residences and Voting System

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Independent parliamentarian Vlaho Orepić discussed various issues surrounding the Croatian political and social structure, claiming that ”the failure to properly ...

MOST Looking Forward to Presidential Elections

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ZAGREB, January 5, 2019 – The president of the opposition MOST party, Božo Petrov, told Hina in an interview it ...

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