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Split Chefs Raise 100,000 kuna from Wolt Campaign for Petrinja Earthquake Victims

Daniela Rogulj

Dalmatinski Portal reports that the fantastic trio of Split chefs, composed of Braco Sanjin, Hrvoje Zirojević, and Ivan Pažanin, succeeded ...


Top Croatian Chefs Cook Together on Wolt Split, All Proceeds to Petrinja Earthquake Victims

Daniela Rogulj

January 4, 2020 – Top Croatian chefs Hrvoje Zirojević, Braco Sanjin, and Ivan Pažanin will cook for Wolt Split from ...

Fourth Split Gastroadvent at Kadena Puts Vaccinations, Hvar, and Mediterranean Diet in Focus

Daniela Rogulj

December 20, 2020 – The fourth Split Gastroadvent was held at seaside restaurant Kadena, with the importance of vaccines, the ...

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O’zlata Chef Braco Sanjin Gathers 30 Chefs to Cook for Firefighters

Daniela Rogulj

“The ingredients just came to life, people called and asked what was needed,” said chef Braco Sanjin who organized 30 ...


Meet the Chef: Braco Sanjin from O’zlata

Daniela Rogulj

Today we meet chef Braco Sanjin from O’zlata.