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Characters of the Sea: Luka Grubor; Olympian and Sailor

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Our Characters of the Sea series is set on bringing you different characters from all walks of life who have ...


The Big Mrvica: Split Port Lifeline to Retire

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Mr Ante Mrvica is known as the good spirit of the Port of Split.


Characters of the Sea: Marin Novaković, Centuries at Sea

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Marin Novaković has been at sea all of his life, his family history stretches back centuries at sea and he ...


Characters of the Sea: Captain Jerry, Otac Duje & the Nazor Family (Photos)

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Total Croatia Sailing has launched this series ‘Characters of the Sea’, to share the incredible stories and history of individuals ...

Characters of the Sea: Meet Tonci Regjo, Split Harbour Pilot

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Tonci Regjo has spent his life at sea, from attending Maritime High school and the Faculty of Maritime Studies, to ...

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Characters of the Sea: Meet Dando Bojić; A Lifetime at Sea

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With the launch of Total Croatia Sailing on June 1st, 2017, we are beginning a new series – ‘Characters of ...