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Vukovar 1991 Association of Lawyers Calls on Vučić to Allow Visit to Stajićevo

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In a press release, the association recalls that six years ago, on 16 July 2016, through the mediation of German ...

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Plenković: Vučić Will Pay a Visit When the Time is Right

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Vučić has expressed a wish to visit the Jasenovac memorial centre privately, but has been denied clearance from the Croatian ...

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Agreements for Croatia-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Granted

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“For the first time, we are implementing a programme to strengthen Croats abroad, in this case, cross-border cooperation between Croatia ...

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Croatian Ambassador to Serbia Criticised in Croatian Parliament

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“Ambassador Bišćević’s behaviour is scandalous, more than scandalous,” Bulj said in Parliament, accusing the ambassador of “harassing Croatian political representatives, ...

Ambassador Says Serbia, Croatia Need to Intensify Political Cooperation

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“I have to be honest and say that our political cooperation needs to be stepped up… there have been, for ...


Eighth-Graders in Serbia Taught That Croatian Language Does Not Exist

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The Croatian language in Serbia does not exist, Democratic Alliance of Vojvodina Croats (DSHV) head Tomislav Žigmanov said, adding that ...

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Jandroković: Attack in Subotica Prompted by Serbian President’s Rhetoric

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Asked if the attack could be the result of the two countries’ policies, Jandroković said the situation in the two countries ...