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TCN Launches Viber Community ‘Total Croatia Travel INFO’ for Latest Updates

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May 19, 2020 – With so much confusion on the current travel situation AFTER CROATIA OPENED BORDERS TO TOURISTS FROM ...


Croatia Coronavirus Travel, Tourism, Flights & Borders Update May 19, 2020

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UPDATE – CLICK HERE FOR THE MAY 20 OVERVIEW May 19, 2020 – So what is the latest Croatia coronavirus ...

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Who Can Cross the Croatia Slovenia Border? Who Cannot? A May 17, 2020 Border Visit

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 May 17, 2020 – In the absence of clear travel information, TCN visits the Croatia Slovenia border to find who ...


Croatia Travel Update March 20, 2020: Flights, Ferries, Borders, Self-Isolation

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MARCH 23, 2020 CROATIA TRAVEL UPDATE March 20, 2020 – As the coronavirus dominates, a Croatia travel update on flights, ...