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Summer is Finally Here: UberBOAT Returns to Croatia from Today!

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It made its debut on the Dalmatian coast last summer, and UberBOAT is back bigger than ever for season 2018. ...

Uber Calls on Dubrovnik Mayor to Jointly Solve Traffic Congestion Issue

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Contrary to the mayor’s claims, Uber says it reduces congestion in streets around the ancient city centre.

Parliament Adopts Laws to Liberalise Taxi Services and Regulate Personal Data Protection

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ZAGREB, April 27, 2018 – The Croatian parliament on Friday adopted the Road Transport Act, which is expected to liberalise ...

New Taxi Services Law Sent to Parliament

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ZAGREB, April 5, 2018 – The Croatian government on Thursday sent to the parliament a bill on road transport to ...


I Blame Uber: Avoiding the Rip Off Wild Taxis of Belgrade

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Uber is well integrated into Croatia’s tourism infrastructure, and as a regular user, one forgets the joys of dealing with ...

Taxi Drivers Score an Own Goal with Protest against Uber

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Instead of improving their position, taxi drivers’ reputation has declined further.

UberBOAT in Croatia Featured in The Times

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The latest transport revolution on the Dalmatian coast is soon to start, with the launch of UberBOAT, reports The Times ...

Uber SE Europe Director Davor Tremac Talks UberBOAT at 3T Conference in Zagreb

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The recent “3T Tourism, Travel and Technology” conference in Zagreb attracted some high profile speakers, including Uber South-East Europe General ...

Government Says Uber is Illegal in Croatia

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Government sent an official reply to MPs’ question.

Uber Has Arrived in Dubrovnik and Split

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A landmark day for taxi travel on Dalmatia’s coast on June 2, 2016, as Uber comes to town. 

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