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Croatia’s Exodus: What Some Cities in Croatia are Offering Young Families to Stay

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A closer look at the data reflects the greatest outflow of inhabitants are between the ages of 20-59, drawn to ...

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Croatian Emigration Rate Second Highest in European Union

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As Novac/Kristina Turcin writes, in the period from 2015 to 2019, the population of Croatia, according to official Eurostat data, decreased ...

Croatian Demographic Crisis Forcing Retired Doctors to Care for Patients

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The Croatian demographic crisis continues to bite, and it’s far from plumbers, electricians, mechanics and drivers that Croatia is rapidly ...

”Don’t Leave Croatia, I Thought it Would be Easier in Time, I was Wrong”

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The economic situation in Croatia is far from promising, and with more and more Croats flocking to Western European countries ...

Croat in Germany Reveals Whether or Not Life Really is Cheaper There

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A Croatian YouTuber in Germany reveals all about double standards when it comes to your weekly shop… All too often ...

Above Board or Below Board, Croatia’s Employment Issues Continue

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Croatia’s employment issues are somewhat perplexing to many, and although there has apparently been a massive drop in unemployment, there’s ...