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Firefighter Whose Petrinja Rescue Dog Was Poisoned Given New Puppy

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Srđan Botica was inconsolable after the death of his dog, Alice. Although she was still quite young, Alice and Srđan ...


Interview: HGSS Croatian Mountain Rescue Service in Petrinja

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December 31, 2020 – Croatian firemen, army, police and medical workers worked through after the earthquake in Sisak Moslavina County ...


VIDEO: Komiza Firefighters Carry Disabled People to Watch Sunset

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September the 11th, 2020 – In a sea of bad news and economic concerns as a result of the ongoing ...

Ministry of Agriculture Purchases 74 Fire Engines for Croatian Firefighters

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While it hasn’t officially begun yet according to the calendar, it really feels like summer has finally arrived on the ...

There is Only One Word: Heroes. Life as a Firefighter in Croatia.

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They are the heroes of Croatia. Exhausted, committed, relentless. Great article from leading Croatian portal on the firefighters of ...