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Preventive Exams Reveal State of Croatian Health

Katarina Anđelković

November 23, 2023 – What is the state of Croatian health? As a pilot project of the Croatian public health ...

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Croatian Hospitals Costs Are Five Times Higher than Last Year

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Even after the rebalance of the state budget, which will provide the healthcare system with an additional three and a ...

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Grbin Says Health Minister Did Not Make Any Reforms, SDP to Put Forward its Proposal

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“The possible privatisation of healthcare could lead to polarisation in society, dividing people into those who can afford healthcare and ...

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Maternity Hospitals in Croatia Rank Low in Latest Research

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The prestigious journal The Lancet Regional Health Europe published this month a scientific paper entitled Quality of health care for mothers and ...

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Primary Healthcare Short of 207 Family Doctors, 104 Gynecologists

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Amendments to the Healthcare Act should ensure better working conditions in primary healthcare as they are the main reason why young doctors ...

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Beroš: Statements by Individuals About Deterioration of Health System Untrue

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“I wish to appeal to the media that statements by individuals about the deterioration of the health system are simply ...

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Beros: COVID Crisis Has Cost Health System HRK 927.4 mn

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ZAGREB, Dec 21, 2020 – Health Minister Vili Beros said on Monday that the COVID crisis had so far cost ...

HZZO Absurdity, Again: Private Facilities Offer Patient Care, HZZO Says NO

Lauren Simmonds

December the 19th, 2020 – I think just about everyone has an HZZO story, and not a positive one. I ...

Goodbye to Paper Referrals? Big Changes as E-Referrals Arrive

Lauren Simmonds

October the 2nd, 2020 – If you’ve been in Croatia long enough, you’ll have heard of an uputnica. This little ...