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Savings Could be Made With More Generic Drugs on Croatian Market

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, counting the pennies within the wider Croatian healthcare system, especially in the consumption of medicines, is ...

Rudjer Boskovic Institute Coordinates AI Programme for Healthcare

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Croatia has been given the opportunity to be a European driver of digital change in healthcare, and the project of ...

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Croatian Hospitals Costs Are Five Times Higher than Last Year

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Even after the rebalance of the state budget, which will provide the healthcare system with an additional three and a ...

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400 Croatian Ambulance Drivers Go On Strike

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“The consequences of the strike will be visible already today and even more tomorrow. We are going until our demands ...

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List of Croatian Hospitals Where No Gynecologist Wants to Perform Abortions

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Of the 29 public hospitals in Croatia that have a contracted abortion service with the HZZO on request, in six ...

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Retiring in Croatia as a Non-EU National: Croatian Healthcare

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We are here to answer some of the questions on healthcare in Croatia by giving a brief overview of available ...

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Healthcare in 2021: COVID Claims Over 8,000 Lives in Croatia

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Thus, of the total of 12,500 COVID-related deaths since the outbreak, over 8,000 persons have died in the past year. ...

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National Healthcare Development Plan 2021-2027 Adopted

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The plan provides for five special objectives – better living habits and effective disease prevention, improving the healthcare system, improving ...

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PM Condemns Attacks and Insults Against Healthcare Workers

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“Insulting healthcare workers is inappropriate and unacceptable… instead of expressing gratitude to them for their commitment, we can see insults ...

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Croatia’s Social Protection Expenditure Amounts to Mere €3,000 Per Capita

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According to Eurostat’s methodology, expenditure on social protection benefits includes allocations for the elderly, health care, persons with disabilities, family ...

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