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Milanović: Special Forces Are the Elite and Must Have a Spotless Reputation

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“We need to remember that of the 75 of your friends, combatants, Croatian knights, who were killed, thirty of them ...

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Croats Trust Police and Army the Most, the EU More than Their Government

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While citizens of organized and developed EU member states have high trust in the institutions of their countries, Croatian citizens have the ...

Milanović: Croatia Should Start Developing Air Defence System

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“The investigation into the nature of the UAV that crashed in Croatia is in progress and I would not discuss ...

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Milanović: Citizens and People Respect and Love Croatian Army

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“I’ve arrived from an institution that has marked its 30th anniversary this morning — the Croatian National Bank (HNB). That ...

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Banožić: Defence Ministry Won’t Cover for Incompetence of President’s Office

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“Instead of holding unconvincing press conferences and shifting responsibility to others, the gentlemen from the Office of the President should ...

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Minister Worried About Drugs in Military

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“A clear instruction about zero tolerance has been given. Constant checks are being done. In that way, there are certain results ...

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Croatian Contingent Given Send-Off to Kosovo Without Presence of Media, Minister

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The ceremony is taking place in the barracks of the 132nd Croatian Army Brigade in the eastern city of Našice ...

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FM Expects “Constructive Dialogue” With President at Meeting on Tuesday

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President Zoran Milanović has proposed a meeting of the Defence and National Security Council because of the escalation of his ...

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Defence Ministry Refutes President’s Allegations About Irregularities

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It is in the remit of the defence minister and not the armed forces’ chief-of-staff to define the needs of ...

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PM: Government Firmly Opposed to Politicization of the Military

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Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Plenković said that the matter would be discussed by the Defence Council on Tuesday and ...