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Do Croatian Archive Wines Deserve The Spotlight?

Valentina Silović

Discover why Croatian Archive Wines should be included in you must-try wine list! Find out how Croatian Archive Wine are made and aged, and where to get them!

vina belje

Vina Belje Wines Win Gold at Slovenian Wine Evalution

Lauren Simmonds

September the 2nd, 2023 – Vina Belje Graševina wine has performed excellently in the eyes of the neighbouring Slovenians, winning ...

Image of a pizza and Enosophia Winery Nice To See You Sparkling Wine

Is Now the Prime Time for Croatian Charmat Method wines?

Valentina Silović

Uncover the magic behind the effervescence, flavours, and innovation that define Croatian Charmat Method wines.

Image of Vislander Winery vineyards on Vis Island

Could This Croatian Island Winery Be Your New Favorite?

Valentina Silović

Let yourself be carried away with exquisite lineup of indigenous varieties from your next favorite Croatian island winery.

Image of Decanter 2023. guide dedicated to Croatian wines

Croatian Wine Lands its Biggest Feature Ever in Iconic Wine Magazine

Valentina Silović

The world of Croatian wine receives a spotlight like never before in the most extensive feature of the influential wine magazine.

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Pairing Perfection: Unveiling The Best Sauvignon Blanc Food Matches

Valentina Silović

When it comes to the best Sauvignon Blanc food pairings, Sauvignon Blanc offers a wide range of possibilities that complement its unique qualities.

lepoglava wine

Lepoglava Wine Awarded at Decanter World Wine Awards

Lauren Simmonds

June the 16th, 2023 – Lepoglava wine has once again been awarded, this time at the Decanter World Wine awards ...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood? The Professor, Wine and National Television

Total Croatia News

Are we about to lose The Professor to Hollywood? HRT National Television contacted me to record a show about Jelsa, ...

Grgich Hills

Grgich Hills Estate to Host “A Life Full of Miracles” Celebrating Miljenko “Mike” Grgich 100th Birthday

Total Croatia News

The birthday celebration will feature a multi-stream event accessible through the Grgich Hills official website. The centennial event will be hosted ...

Vinistra: Germans Loving Istrian Wines Exhibited at Dusseldorf ProWein Fair

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the decision to present Istrian wine and its producers independently at the world’s largest fair in the ...