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Croatian Cities Attracting Giant Norwegian Cruise Ships

Lauren Simmonds

March the 13th, 2024 – Croatia has always had a love/hate relationship with cruisers, turning against them before the pandemic, ...

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Number of Cruisers in Croatia Increased in 2023

Lauren Simmonds

February the 9th, 2024 – For better or worse, the number of cruisers in Croatia increased last year. Here’s where ...

cruise ships in croatia

Cruise Ships in Croatia Bring Significant Numbers of Visitors

Katarina Anđelković

July 13, 2023 – In the first five months of this year, 40 foreign cruise ships in Croatia sailed through ...

As Huge Ships Return, How Has 2022’s Croatian Cruise Season Been?

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, just as the global coronavirus pandemic decimated air traffic, it also brought the cruise industry to its ...

Croatian Maritime Traffic 50% Better Than 2021, Charter Outdoes 2019

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, almost 8.5 million passengers were boarded and disembarked in various Croatian seaports throughout the second ...

Rijeka Cruise Ships Arrive Carrying Thousands of Tourists This Weekend

Lauren Simmonds

As Morski writes, on Saturday morning, two large cruise ships, “Mein Schiff 5” and “Marella Explorer 2”, and more than ...

Zadar Port Authority: 20% Increase in Cruise Traffic Compared to 2019

Lauren Simmonds

As Morski writes, the Zadar Port Authority has reported on the number of guest arrivals from cruise ships up until the ...

Croatian Cruise Traffic Makes Decided Return in Post-Pandemic Era

Lauren Simmonds

Croatian cruise tourism was an enormous ecological issue up and down the coast, but the vast majority of (understandable) complaints ...

At Least Five Times More Dubrovnik Cruise Ships Compared to 2021

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, this year’s cruise season for the Croatian Adriatic’s ports has started with the arrival of ...


2022 Cruise Ship Season in Split Begins with Arrival of ‘Bolette’

Daniela Rogulj

On the morning of February 21, the 283-meter-long “Bolette,” which sails under the flag of the Bahamas, sailed into the ...

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