Badel 1862 Taking Over Well Known Dalmacijavino Umbrella Brand

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Vinoplod director Kresimir Lokas stated that ”Dalmacijavino’s range of wines, not to mention the rest of ...

Dalmacijavino Workers Protest against Government

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ZAGREB, May 4, 2018 – About a hundred workers from the bankrupt Dalmacijavino company gathered in Split on Friday in ...

Dalmacijavino Workers Demand Millions in Unpaid Earnings

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ZAGREB, February 21, 2018 – Workers of the Split-based Dalmacijavino bankrupt wine and beverage producer on Wednesday staged a protest ...

Incredible Pipi Commercial from 1983, Featuring Ana Sasso!

Daniela Rogulj

The Split Pipi hype, in history. 

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Dalmacijavino Reveals the Split Stories Behind New Pipi Labels

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Have you seen the new look of “Pipi”?


Dalmacijavino Introduces New, Contemporary Look for their Products

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Have you seen the new look for Dalmacijavino products?

Dalmacijavino Introduces a New Visual Identity and New Products for 2017

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After 70 years of existence, on New Year’s Eve in Split, Dalmacijavino introduced a new corporate logo as a first ...

Pipi Is Coming Back To Split!

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Pipi is coming back to Split! This happens nearly 7 months after Dalmacijavino went bankrupt and had to stop producing ...

The Agony of Dalmacijavino Continues

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State Attorney’s office has appealed the sale decision.

Pipi: Split’s Cult Drink

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Split has its very own soft drink called Pipi produced by Dalmacijavino. Pipi is Split’s version of Fanta and Miranda ...