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Chinese Interested in Croatian Shipyards, With One Condition…

Lauren Simmonds

The Chinese interest in Croatian projects is continually growing, or so it seems, and there is now room to dare ...

Uljanik Searches for Investors as Potential Bankruptcy Looms

Lauren Simmonds

Will Uljanik be saved? Minister Horvat is in negotiations with four potential investors to replace Danko Končar as a partner.

Istria 1961 Rescued? Danko Končar Saves Club, Temporarily

Daniela Rogulj

Uplifting news for a club who has been on the brink of survival all season. 

Italians to Take Over Rijeka’s 3 Maj Shipyard?

Lauren Simmonds

A new dawn for the famous Rijeka shipyard?

Danko Končar – New King of Croatian Shipbuilding Industry

Total Croatia News

He is a mysterious man with a lot of money.

Danko Končar Takes Over Croatia’s Shipbuilding Industry

Total Croatia News

In addition to Brodotrogir, he will control both the Uljanik and Treći Maj shipyards.