Croat in Germany Reveals Whether or Not Life Really is Cheaper There

Lauren Simmonds

A Croatian YouTuber in Germany reveals all about double standards when it comes to your weekly shop… All too often ...


National Federation of Croatian Americans Announces “40 Under 40″ Winners from USA

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Washington, D.C. — The NFCA is proud to announce the second group of “40 Under 40” Croatian Americans chosen for ...


Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce Talks Medical Tourism and More in Perth

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March 11, 2019 – Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce had the great pleasure of hosting three amazing ladies from ...

German with Croatian Roots Invests in Krapinske Toplice’s Bellevue

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One of the most famous symbols of Krapinske Toplice has been stood neglected and entirely abandoned for years, but could ...

Gary Cervenik

Croatian Diaspora: Tom Rukavina, Happy Warrior From Iron Range of Minnesota

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Thomas Martin Rukavina, 68, known as Tom or Tommy, of Pike Township, died on Monday, January 7, 2019, at the ...

Croatian Inspired Advent in Boston: Croatian Traditions Cross the Atlantic

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December the 11th, 2018 – The United States might be very far from Croatia, both in terms of geography and ...

Croatian Emigrant at Pearl Harbour: How Petar Tomić Became American Hero

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Ever heard of the Croatian emigrant at Pearl Harbour? His bravery not only saved many from certain death, but saw ...

Swiss Stage for Croatian Diaspora Performers in 2019

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25th of November 2018 – That music is deeply rooted in the Croatian genes is a simple fact. Just look around ...

Croatian Emigrants Sent 1 Billion Euros to Families in Croatia in 2017

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Croatian emigrants dotted all around the world sent a huge amount of money via private transfers to their families in ...

Oxford Educated Returnee Owns Tourist Agency, Runs 3 Hotels in Croatia

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”Changes in any system can’t take place overnight and it takes a lot of patience and work to make the ...