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New York University Professor – The Millionth Guest in Split Today

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Split is far from the transit destination it once was, as tourists have realized that the city has much to ...

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Days of Diocletian 2015 – Full Program Here

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It is rather unique, the Palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Why? Because it is actually still there after so ...

Split Palaces In And Around The Palace

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When someone mention the word Palace in Split, association is more than obvious, Diocletian’s Palace. It’s the main city landmark, ...

Sveti Martin 9-mala

Is Saint Martin The Narrowest Church You Have Ever Seen?

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Maybe the most often sentence beginning you can hear in Split, when listening some local explaining beauties of his or ...

Sites in Split: The Cellars of Diocletian’s Palace

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The cellars of Diocletian’s Palace are housed within the southern half of the palace. The floor plan showcases a mirror ...

Sites in Split: Diocletian’s Palace Gates

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The nucleus of Split is most definitely Diocletian’s Palace, a 1700-year-old Roman structure measuring approximately 160m by 190m. A gate ...

Diocletian’s Palace and its Most Visited Attractions

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A little insight into the palace and its most visited attractions. DIOCLETIAN’S PALACE The Emperor, Diocletian constructed his retirement palace ...