PHOTOS: Exploring 3rd-Century Diocletian Aqueduct

Daniela Rogulj

May 10, 2020 – The Diocletian Aqueduct is an archeological site in Solin, a suburb just outside the city of ...

Changing of the Guards in Full Swing: Actor Maro Nejašmić Banić Plays Diocletian

Daniela Rogulj

The Split Tourist Board and the Croatian National Theater have organized the changing of Diocletian’s guards on Peristyle during the ...


Another Historical Treasure Unveiled in Heart of Diocletian’s Palace!

Daniela Rogulj

The interior of Diocletian’s Palace unveils a new historical treasure.

VIDEO: 3D Animation of Diocletian’s Palace

Daniela Rogulj

Diocletian’s Palace, the staple of Split and the pride and joy of Splićani, is rich and full of history – ...

New Archaeological Discovery Proves Greeks Were in Split Long Before Diocletian

Total Croatia News

Unfortunately, even though this new archaeological site is of great significance, it will be recorded and covered since it is ...

Split Looking for the Location for the Statue of Emperor Diocletian

Total Croatia News

Where will be the final resting place for Split’s Roman Emperor? 

Diocletian Returns to his Palace

Total Croatia News

Emperor Diocletian’s statue revealed in Split Photo by Slobodna Dalmacija

days of diocletian3

Days of Diocletian 2015 – Full Program Here

Total Croatia News

It is rather unique, the Palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Why? Because it is actually still there after so ...

Split sfinga

Guardians of Gods and Emperors: All the Sphynxes of Split

Total Croatia News

Split was founded thanks to a Roman emperor Diocletian, and most of its heritage can be traced all the way ...

Sites in Split: The Cellars of Diocletian’s Palace

Total Croatia News

The cellars of Diocletian’s Palace are housed within the southern half of the palace. The floor plan showcases a mirror ...

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