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Never Eaten a Dormouse? Puhijada 2019 Showcases Dol Culture on Hvar

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Hvar’s most popular festival, the Puhijada, will take place once more from August 5 to August 10, 2019, as the ...

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Island Brač: 10 Reasons to Visit Brač’s Stone Village, Dol

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If you are after an authentic experience, away from the crowds, the beautiful stone village of Dol on the island Brač ...

Konoba Kokot

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KONOBA KOKOT Dol (21460 Stari Grad) Phone: +385 (0)21 765 679 GSM: +385 (0)91 511 4288         ...


Never Eaten a Dormouse? Puhijada 2017, The Adriatic’s Most Unusual Festival?

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One of Croatia’s more unusual festivals takes place in the village of Dol on the island of Hvar, starting on ...

Life in a Dol House: Great New Blog on Hvar

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And as one Hvar blogger leaves, so another takes his place, and for those of you who want to understand ...

Never Eaten a Dormouse? Full Puhijada 2016 Programme

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It is getting closer to that time of year again – perhaps Croatia’s strangest festival. Puhijada 2016, or the Edible ...

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The Dormouse Festival – Puhijada 2016 Dates Announced

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One of the most popular festivals on Hvar – Puhijada in Dol will, as usual take place in August. This ...

Leedham Sisters Late Addition to Dormouse Festival, Available for Gigs in August

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It has been a fine year for one of Hvar’s rising new stars, Dino Petric. The Selca resident wowed the ...