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Petrinja Container Business Centre Breathes Life into Post-Quake Town

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The container settlements of Petrinja, the aftermath of the December 29 earthquake, are certainly not a cheery place to live ...

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Sisak Earthquake Photo Exhibition: Between Two Waitings by Miroslav Arbutina Arba

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The 6.3 magnitude earthquake on December 29 that severely damaged Petrinja and Sisak has traces which haven’t faded as repairs and ...


PM: We Will Do Everything to Accelerate Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

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“We will make every effort to speed up that process… and the Ministry of Construction and State Assets will present ...

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President: If Reconstruction Continues at Current Pace, We Will Lose Petrinja

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“Nothing is happening, unfortunately the process is too slow and if it continues at the current pace, we will lose ...

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Science Faculty (PMF) Earthquake Reconstruction: Croatian Faculties Receive Aid

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With August concluding, the academic community is waking up after a summer break. Students are preparing for exams, and professors ...

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PM Says Croatia Preserves Its Financial Reputation

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The fourteenth annual international conference titled “Dubrovnik Forum: (Post)-Pandemic Geopolitics – Together in a World Apart” focused on the impact of ...


Magnitude 3.5 Quake Rocks Petrinja

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The Petrinja area was struck by a devastating 6.2 quake last December. For more news, CLICK HERE.

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Faculty of Science (PMF) Donation: Five New Laptops For Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak

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The devastating 6.3 earthquake that hit Banovina / Banija on December 29 saw Croatia still have a troubling situation in Petrinja, ...


Sales of Picture Book to Help Reconstruction of Quake-damaged Petrinja School

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By publishing the book, Školska Knjiga took part in a humanitarian project launched a few days after the 29 December ...


New, 4.6 Magnitude Quake Hit Sisak Area

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The epicentre of the quake, which occurred at 10.54am, was 24 kilometres south of Sisak. The newest quake coincide with the ...