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70 Buildings Undergoing Retrofitting, Decision for Another 400 Adopted

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“Concerning those 70 buildings, their inhabitants organised themselves, took loans and started with the reconstruction, counting on being refunded by ...

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€266k Contracts Inked for Zagreb Health Institutions’ Post-quake Reconstruction

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Since the advertisement of a tender inviting healthcare institutions to apply for EU grants, there have been 60 applications, most of ...


EU Funding Granted for Use of Chemical Toilets After Zagreb Earthquake

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The Directorate said on Tuesday that HRK 79,351 has been approved based on the application for the operation “Provision of ...


President Zoran Milanović: “We’re Nearing ‘Red’ Zone With Regard to Zagreb’s Reconstruction”

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“If we are talking about Zagreb’s reconstruction we are already entering the red. The financial situation in the City of Zagreb, ...

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Croatian School Museum: 120th Anniversary Clouded by Earthquake Damage

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With this weekend being the final one for the summer break before the 2021/22 school year begins in Croatia, families ...


PM: We Will Do Everything to Accelerate Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

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“We will make every effort to speed up that process… and the Ministry of Construction and State Assets will present ...

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Science Faculty (PMF) Earthquake Reconstruction: Croatian Faculties Receive Aid

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With August concluding, the academic community is waking up after a summer break. Students are preparing for exams, and professors ...

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PM Says Croatia Preserves Its Financial Reputation

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The fourteenth annual international conference titled “Dubrovnik Forum: (Post)-Pandemic Geopolitics – Together in a World Apart” focused on the impact of ...


Demolition of Private Houses Damaged by Zagreb Earthquake Starts

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The demolition started with the removal of a property, owned by the Sunek family, in the northern suburb of Granešinski ...

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New Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević: Sandra Benčić (Mozemo!) On First Moves

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Following intense post-first round campaigns in Zagreb for the second round of local elections, Tomislav Tomašević is the new mayor ...

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