Intangible Heritage of Croatia – Easter Pistols of Kostel

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Get better acquainted with one Northern Croatian Easter tradition.

Controversial Official Suspends Veterinary Inspections in Easter Period

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For an Agriculture Ministry official, holidays seem to be more important than food safety.

400K Overnight Stays Recorded in Croatia Over Easter Holiday!

Daniela Rogulj

April has been busier than expected for Croatia…

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Easter Mass Celebrated at Zagreb Cathedral

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Croatian leadership attended the Easter Mass in the Zagreb cathedral.


Zagreb in History: Easter Greeting Cards

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You’ve probably noticed that Facebook and Instagram feeds are currently overflowing with photos of Easter eggs, followed by chains of ...

Grab Your Umbrella – A Rainy Easter Awaits Dubrovnik

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The end of March saw Dubrovnik’s weather records beaten as the city basked in glorious summer-like temperatures, but change is ...

Easter in Primorje: A Springtime Event And A Touch Of Tradition In Klisevo

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The eighth consecutive ”Easter in Primorje” will be held in the village of Klisevo on Monday the 17th of April ...

Easter in Osijek around World’s Largest Easter Nest

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Another novelty this year is that the City of Zagreb has recognised the Osijek manifestation and decided to organise something ...

Easter Brunch in Dubrovnik

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When the hipsters came up with a word “brunch”, it made people in Southern Croatia laugh. The locals have been ...

Palm Sunday – Bring Your Olive and Palm Branches for a Blessing Ceremony

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Palm Sunday, popularly known as Cvjetnica, is celebrated as a beginning of the “Big Week’, that is a week before ...