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Will Autumn Greet Us Without Any Croatian Epidemiological Measures?

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the temperatures are becoming intolerable for many, and air conditioning units are working hard. The outbreak of ...

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Constitution Committee Asks Gov’t to Verify Signatures for COVID Referendum

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The committee also asked the government to check if the signatures were collected in line with the valid Referendum Act. The ...


Minister Says Self-testing of Students to Be Conducted in Three Stages

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Parents will test their children for coronavirus voluntarily on Mondays, and if a positive case is identified in a class, testing ...

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MPs Divided on COVID Certificates

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Opposition deputies stressed that the introduction of those certificates was the worst decision in the two years of the pandemic ...

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COVID-19 Team Head Says Shortening of Self-isolation Being Considered But…

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“Considering the still high numbers of new infections, we cannot say that the epidemic has reached its climax, especially when ...


Croatia To Extend COVID Protocols Until February’s End

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“In the next few days, the crisis management team will consider the protocols on public gatherings, public transport, shopping, protective mask ...

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Beroš: COVID Restrictions Not to Be Lifted for Now Given Low Vaccination Rate

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He was commenting on plans by countries such as the United Kingdom and Israel, which have high vaccination rates, to ...

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New COVID-19 Restrictions Take Effect as of Tuesday

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The restrictions cap public gatherings at 50 in case of open-air events, and in the event that participants have COVID certificates ...

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Mandatory Masks in Croatian Schools from 5th Grade Onwards

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“You can see that, as the Government has insisted that school classes in Croatia be given in person, we have ...

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Epidemiological Measures to Be Tightened After Record Number of Cases

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After the worst day of the infection, stricter epidemiological measures could be introduced throughout Croatia, such as limiting the work ...

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