famous croats

mike Vučelić

Meet Mike Vučelić – The Croat Who Saved Apollo 13

Lauren Simmonds

January the 30th, 2024 – You’ve undoubtedly heard of Apollo 13, but have you ever heard of the Croatian connection? ...

nikola tesla Meštrović

“Your Fan, Nikola Tesla” – When Tesla Met Ivan Meštrović

Lauren Simmonds

January the 18th, 2024 – Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović is one of the most renowned Croatian artists of all time, ...

croatian women

Exceptional Croatian Women You Should Know About

Total Croatia News

January the 10th, 2024 – Croatia has produced many great names over the centuries, and a lot of them are ...

nikola tesla

Top Secret: How FBI Seized Documents Written by Nikola Tesla

Lauren Simmonds

January the 9th, 2024 – Did you know that the huge number of documents written by Nikola Tesla were labelled ...

Croatian singer Oliver Dragojević

Five Facts About Croatian Singer Oliver Dragojević

Lauren Simmonds

January the 3rd, 2024 – It seems too little to call him merely “Croatian singer Oliver Dragojević”, as he was ...

Croatian wordsmith Antun Gustav Matoš

Five Facts About Croatian Wordsmith Antun Gustav Matoš 

Lauren Simmonds

December the 20th, 2023 – Croatian wordsmith Antun Gustav Matoš is one of this country’s most celebrated poets, essayists, journalists and ...

croatian novelist miroslav Krleža

Five Facts About Croatian Novelist Miroslav Krleža

Lauren Simmonds

December the 13th, 2023 – How much do you know about the Croatian novelist Miroslav Krleža? Also a playwright, poet, ...

croatian writer Marin Držić

Five Facts About Croatian Writer Marin Držić

Lauren Simmonds

December the 11th, 2023 – Croatia is full of literary talent, but one of the most famous of all is ...

croatian sculptor ivan Meštrović

Five Facts About Croatian Sculptor Ivan Meštrović

Lauren Simmonds

December the 6th, 2023 – One of the most celebrated figures in this country is Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, who ...

Croatian astronomer Ruđer Bošković

Five Facts About Croatian Astronomer Ruđer Bošković

Lauren Simmonds

December the 2nd, 2023 – Tesla, Penkala, Vrančić… the list goes on when it comes to great minds associated with ...

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