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More and More Foreign Workers in Croatia, Where are They From?

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, given the fact that Croats have been leaving the country for years to try to find ...

From Ukraine to India – Around 100,000 Foreign Workers in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, RTL talked about the growing number of foreign workers in Croatia, but also how we might ...

Brits in Croatia: Can Brits Still Move to Croatia After Brexit Day?

Lauren Simmonds

January the 27th, 2020 – On the 31st of January, 2020, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ...

Expats in Croatia: How to Change Your Address at MUP

Lauren Simmonds

September the 27th, 2019 – Croatia doesn’t like change. It doesn’t like the idea of being dragged into the 21st ...

American YouTuber in Croatia: What the Internet WON’T Tell You!

Lauren Simmonds

Recently we wrote an article on Kaleigh Hendershot, an American YouTuber living near Zagreb who uploads typically comical videos about ...

3 Faze Učenja za Strance u Hrvatskoj: Ljubav, Mržnja & Nirvana

Total Croatia News

Život stranaca koji su već dulje vrijeme u Hrvatskoj prilično je zabavan. Naravno, to sa sobom donosi i potrebu za ...

Nigerian in Zagreb Opens Restaurant: “People With No Money Eat Free”

Lauren Simmonds

A touch of Africa in the heart of Zagreb, more precisely on Ilica 73 in central Zagreb, as Okoli Kikelomo ...

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From London to Croatia: A Foreign Teen’s Adventures in Zagreb

Total Croatia News

The top three questions I get asked to this day by Uber drivers and colleagues alike are, ”What do you ...

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Brexit and Croatia: How Croatia’s Brits Should Prepare

Lauren Simmonds

We’re still not sure how things stand entirely when it comes to Brexit, or whether it will happen at all. ...

Brexit Brits in Croatia: Special Rules to Apply to Ensure Residence

Lauren Simmonds

Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the European Union suffered a historic defeat recently. The British prime minister had delayed the ...

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