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Franak Association Supports Judge Dobronić’s Election as Supreme Court President

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Franak brings together former holders of loans pegged to the Swiss franc whose loans were converted to euro-denominated loans. On ...

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Franak Association Reports Croatia To EC For Breach Of Treaty With EU

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ZAGREB, June 5, 2020 – The Franak Association reported Croatia to the European Commission, for the breach of the treaty with ...

Franak Association Expects 100,000 Lawsuits in Swiss Franc Loans Case

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ZAGREB, September 18, 2019 – Representatives of the Franak association, which brings together holders of loans originally indexed to the ...

Debt Write Off for Some Swiss Franc Loan Debtors

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Croatia Osiguranje insurance company will write off 30 percent of the principal and default interest.

Croatian National Bank Forced to Reveal Bank Secrets

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Court accepted a request by the Franak Association.

The Franak Association and Živi Zid Form Coalition for Parliamentary Elections

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Živi Zid, the fourth strongest party according to polls, will form a coalition with the Franak Association and the Let’s ...

Franak Associations Calls on the Croatian National Bank Governor to Resign

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The debate about the Swiss Franc loans to Euro continues.