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Exhibition on “Goli Otok” Prison Camp Opening in Šibenik

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Goli Otok is an island where political prisoners were held.

LNG Should Be Built on Goli Otok Instead on Krk

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A new proposal for the location of the long-delayed LNG terminal in Croatia.

National Geographic Releases Video about Goli Otok Island

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See the decrepit and haunting remains of a prison on Goli Otok island described as a ‘Living Hell’, ‘Devil’s Island’ ...

Goli Otok Becomes Youth Summer Camp

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The notorious prison turns into a camp in summer where, despite its dark past, the atmosphere is positive – a ...

Photo of the Day: Goli Otok

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Literally ‘Naked Island’, Goli Otok has a history that has little to do with tourism. A very barren island, Goli ...